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"Rodrigo’s Experience with SuperEssentials:...all of the natural ingredients work together to boost a dog’s digestive and immume systems. I began adding it to the raw food mixture each week (3 tablespoons in each 8 quart bowl) and noticed an immediate difference in both Rodrigo and Sydney. Rodrigo finally has solid poops, he rarely has gas, ... It was working; and very well. Sydney has been losing weight. She’s more active and playful (and sometimes a bit naughty) thanks to the addition of SuperEssentials"

Kimberly Gauthier, Dog Nutritionist, www.keepthetailwagging.com
I have been using Super Essentials for my 11 year old German Shepherd for 5 weeks now. She has a back injury and has been on anti-inflammatories and pain medication for almost 3 years. After 2 weeks on Super Essentials she is off all her medication and moving much for freely. She is now running and playing and can go the whole way on our 3 mile hikes. Thank you so much for making this wonderful product!
Sharon Watson, Grants Pass, OR
I have very good news to share with you. My eleven year old Ridgeback/ Retriever mix dogs (Diamond and Ginjo) are showing signs of renewed energy and vigor after adding your 'SuperEssentials' to their daily food. Also their coats are getting softer and have a lovely sheen. I'm looking forward to seeing how much more their health will improve as I continue adding your product to their food. Cheers for providing this quality product for our animal brothers and sisters.

(Author of My Boomerang Will Come Back – An Inspiring Story of Cause, Consequence & Kindness)
Lloyd Canty, Emigrant Lake, OR
I bought some SuperEssentials last year while visiting the U.S.- I give it to my lab/wolfhound X every day, adding it to a mainly raw diet. He's transformed from a sad looking rescue boy to a beautiful black bear lookalike - Here he is with my boyfriend!
Sarah Holden, England, United Kingdom
Super Essentials has made a big difference in the life of my older friend Hank, a 10 year old Alaskan Malamute X. His eyes are brighter, he has more vitality and his hair is super soft. Thank you for making such a great product that he loves to eat!
Ann Fromholtz, Phoenix, Oregon
My three cats, which together comprise countless breeds, love the stuff! They clamor for it at mealtime. It's a relief to me knowing they're getting what they need.
Campbell Kaye, Talent, OR
I have been using Superessentials for both my dogs for 6 months and am thrilled with the results. My 7 year old greyhound mix 'Robby' was never interested in his food and often refused meals for up to 2 days even though we tried multiple brands. When I mixed Superessentials into his food with some warm water he became a real food lover! He now eats ALL his food and licks the bowl clean. My 12 year old collie "Emma" who is blind now has a glossier coat and other than her vision seems happier and more energetic than she was 6 months ago. The quality is excellent and it goes a long way - plus it has no fake additives. I take supplements for my health and feel good giving my dogs theirs too.
Gavin K., Ashland, OR
My Sister gave me two containers of your Super Essentials for my dog. He recently had knee surgery, after taking your product he's back to his old self again acting like a puppy and he just turned 7. I will continue giving him this wonderful product!
Brandon Lore, Vancouver, WA
I always want the best for my 12 year old Lab. He has a good diet, I bring him everywhere I go, he get lots of daily exercise and an abundance of love and attention. Now he gets a daily dose of Super Essentials nutritional supplement. People have remarked that his coat is full of luster and I am sure the high quality ingredients are supporting his health and well being at his age. He seems to love the taste and cleans every speck from his bowl. The ingredients are all things that I would include in my own diet and so I am very happy that my dog is getting such high quality nutrition daily.
Scott Allison, Ashland, OR
Dr. Jensen turned us onto SuperEssentials when Nell started seeing him when she was 3 months old. She's a year old now. She's on a raw food diet. I am so grateful to have SE. I have total confidence that Nell is getting everything she needs in her diet! Thank you so much for the peace of mind I now have, and I'm pretty sure for her soft and luxurious coat!
Marcia Boettcher, Grants Pass, OR