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I've been adding Super Essentials to my dogs' diet for several years now. Missy and Jackson are extremely active lab / boarder collie mix, liter mates. Our vet says they are super-healthy. And because of the concentrated nutrition of Super Essentials, I feed them less volume of food. Which means less poop in the back yard! We love it.
John Geertsen, Bend Oregon
I have been using your product for quite a while now and even my old German Shepard, Zaro, is now eating it with good results, especially his coat. In the picture below he was wearing a jacket because he licked his hots spots so much. He no longer has any and his coat has grown back beautifully. My Shiloh Shepherd, Haakan, always causes a stir wherever we go because of his striking looks and large size, but it is his gorgeous silky coat that gets the most attention!
Carole Minnich, Gasquet, CA
Thank you so much, Samantha and Bandy are much happier pets since I started giving them your product. Our cat Samantha licks ‎every part of her dish regardless of what food is in there, the same with our dog Bandy. Their coat is bright and shiny, best yet my dog's allergies have calmed way down, shedding is very little. Samantha can't wait to eat rather than do her morning mousing which comes second. She has turned into a happy cat. I do shave her for summer as she is a long hair cat. Mother Earth's SuperEssentials is a must try product. It's nice to have one supplements for both!
Annabel Hall, Mackay, Idaho
Thank you for providing such a wonderful supplement. My dog Charlie's coat
looks great, his breath is fresh and he is full of energy!
Steve and Fiona Markowitz, San Diego, CA
Thank you sooo much for the yummy green stuff. My coat is growing back. My belly skin no longer feels sticky, oily, and bare. It now is smooth and silky. My tummy hair has grown back already two inches after one month, and I start looking like the beautiful Lhasa Apso that I was before I lost all that hair due to my pollen allergies. I still itch, but not nearly as much as before. Mom feeds the green stuff to my sister Jessie too, and she likes it. Humans always admire our long coats and your product helps us keep in shape and beautiful. Besides we really like the prompt services and delivery.
Thank you again, Mollie and Jessie (aka Lhasa Apsos)
Chris Lockridge, Rogue River, OR
Sterling grabbed the Super Essentials container. He can't get enough :-) Thanks again for such a fantastic product!

Rebecca Leach
Since we starting using Super Essentials we have noticed a remarkable improvement in the breath of our 11 year old dog, Louie. His joint pain seems to be reduced and his mobility has improved. We sprinkle it on his kibble and spray a little water to make it stick. Louie loves the taste.
Sarah & Erik Peterson, Ashland, Oregon
My dog is Indy, a 3 yo rat terrier. He's been on SuperEssentials since he was 1 and a half I believe. I use it in conjunction with a raw diet and minimal vaccines. He's doing amazing! He used to be slightly itchy and that is gone. His coat is super shiny and I think it looks thicker, though he's naturally a thin coated breed. His teeth are clean and white and he has no bad breath. He always gets a clean bill of health and I believe SuperEssentials plays a big part in.
Becky Donaldson
This is Gigi. Within 3 months of our introducing SuperEssentials to her diet her bald skin patches on her flank, shoulder and neck disappeared, her hair has completely grown back. She's had no further outbreaks anywhere on her body since, it's been over a year.
Randy Rosenblatt, Lake Oswego, OR
I've been feeding my dogs Super Essentials for the past two years. I have 4 rescue dogs and all my dogs have medical issues in some form due to their original pasts. In addition to raw foods, including meaty bones, I supplement with Super Essentials. The Spirulina is helpful for the arthritis and the Clay and Nettle are also good for detoxing from toxic chemicals. All ingredients are organic and non-GMO. My holistic veterinarian recommended this product, and I am forever grateful.

Lisa Frost, Ashland, OR